New Media and Digital Solutions

The world is going digital – indeed, the internet has changed the whole world and permeates everything we do.

Our digital experts start with building a fantastic website that’s professional and user friendly. We then go on to develop an online strategy for our clients by adopting a integrated marketing approach, combining search marketing and social media, online PR with other online and offline activities.

The impact of social media has been both inevitable and irreversible. We help our clients identify areas of the social web where their target audiences are most active and ensure that our clients have a presence in every relevant part of social media landscape.

Our digital solutions exploit the power of the internet and enable clients to build interactive relationship with their customers, suppliers and shareholders.

By combining our valuable strategic and creative branding experience with our technological capabilities, we’re always able to deliver effective results.Search Engine Optimisation.

Today everyone strives to improve visibility of his/her website by gaining a top position in search results. Organic SEO practices coupled with specific industry knowledge will help you attain this goal. At PPJ Consulting , we have the expertise to improve your site’s visibility in search results. Our SEO services are sure to help you increase your traffic flow by 100% to 3,000%.


Pay Per Click Management

PPC is a great way to get instant traffic into your website. The real key here is to manage your Pay Per Click spending and ensure that you are getting the best return on your investment. The resources at PPJ Consulting will help you monitor your PPC spending and ensure increased value with every click.


Banner Advertisement

A well-designed Banner Ad placed at the right location on the right website can bring in more business. By identifying the right design elements and the right place and position for the Banner Ad, PPJ Consulting’s Banner Advertisement division can help you achieve your advertising goals.


Email Marketing

Email Marketing has come a long way from being just a form of direct marketing. At PPJ Consulting we know how to develop and design effective targeted Email Marketing campaigns with a strong call to action that will result in improved sales and good return on investment.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the fastest ways to market your products or services. The Viral Marketing effect achieved by a well designed Social Media Marketing campaign is truly amazing. PPJ Consulting can help the clients create effective social media marketing campaigns.


Web Analytics

In business, it is necessary to analyse the past in order to change the future. Web Analytics enables the client to make sense of all the statistics and trends that are captured by his/her website. It also helps the clients understand and analyse the factors that are working or not working for the business and thus assists in running the business with focused strategies and business plans.