We provide assistance in the selection and implementation of content & setting up of other knowledge management solutions for smooth content flow.

PPJ Consulting has been engaged in content marketing for over a decade, providing these services to some of the world’s largest brands. We have the experience that makes successful execution far easier, including media and blogger contacts, creative and design teams, and a vast stable of subject matter experts.


Content Marketing


We produce and distribute engaging content tailored to your customers. By consistently publishing high quality content on popular websites, we bring customers closer to your brand.


Fresh and compelling content that grabs attention, creates engagement and delivers value is what people crave. As a professional content marketing agency in India, we help brands put in place a content strategy around their online assets and digital marketing campaigns.

As experts in content production, publishing and promotion, creative writers, designers and marketers at PPJ Consulting help you achieve business results with content marketing.


What we do
  • Social media – Need content for social? We can help. With content built specifically for your ideal customers and advanced targeting strategies, we create rich and alive communities around your business on social media.
  • Search engine optimization – Search engines love content. Websites that publish quality content consistently are rewarded with higher rankings in search results. Good rankings lead to more organic traffic and conversions. We transform organic search marketing by fueling your SEO strategy with powerful content.
  • Online PR – Online PR is a great way to reach out to journalists and the media. To successfully get attention and exposure on digital media, your press releases need to stand out. We create press releases that communicate your company values and how how your products and services help people solve problems.
  • Inbound, the new marketing – A fully functional inbound marketing system feeds on content. With quality content production we power and scale inbound marketing so that you get more traffic and sales.
  • PPC marketing – To generate business inquiries from pay per click traffic, businesses need exceptional ads and landing pages. We do that for you.


 Our Content Marketing Services will:
  • Analyse the competitive situation for your most important search keywords.
  • Uncover the best opportunities to beat your competition with strategic content.
  • Develop a quantitative plan for success.
  • Obtain (when needed) highly-qualified subject matter experts to write your content.
  • Monitor the performance of all your content marketing campaigns to ensure continued success.


 you’ll also benefit in the following ways:
  • Reach new, untapped market segments.
  • Rank higher in search for more of your “money terms.”
  • Amplify your brand exposure, building more audience, more fans and more traffic.
  • Increase both organic and referral traffic.
  • Build the trust and value around your brand through in-depth, highly-useful content.


Content Writing


Website content

A website is powerless without the right content to back it up. We ensure that the content that you get for your website is 100 percent original, well researched and mighty powerful. More than anything else we make sure that you get the results that you want and get the performance that you need from your website.

Blog content

Blogging is a sure shot way to maintain a constant and consistent presence online. We deliver blog posts that have hours of research to back them up.  Our content writers produce only the best work that stays afloat on search engines long after being published. We have specialized niche writers for all sorts of businesses and we specialize in providing the right blog content writing services for you.

SEO copy writing

We have the strongest possible team of SEO content writers that delivers content specifically tailored for SEO. Our content research and generation capacity for search are directly in sync with the needs of search engines. All the content generated is thoroughly researched and appropriately framed to perform well in organic results.

Article writing

Our content generation team is extremely efficient in crafting out excellent articles and guides. We find that the best rated, most proficient content on the web is articles and guides that have been well researched and have excellent word length. We have a team that is more than capable of the best article writing services for you.

Press release production

Press releases are one of the best ways to create and generate awareness for your product and services. They ensure widespread public awareness and are the most efficient at doing this. What most people don’t understand is that crafting out the perfect press release is a science in its own. Our writers make sure that the content is impressive and our key content strategists decide for the timing of the press release.

Case studies

We have an impressive research team that works very hard so you don’t have to and the resultant studies are not only original and well researched, they are amazingly accurate. So, if you want to publish a case study. We are the people that you need.

Social media updates

Social media is where everyone is. Its a massive playing ground for digital marketing. Sharing content on social media requires updates that engages audiences. We are naturals at coming up with updates that draw in readership and get you the right traction to set the wheels in motion.


Knowledge Management


Like never before, harnessing and leveraging on knowledge and expertise is no longer a luxury, it is a necessary game changer.

At PPJ Consulting  we provide assistance in the selection and implementation of knowledge management solutions, be it Dspace /Moodle or any custom solutions.

We also  help our clients in implementing a knowledge management strategy, we propose a phased approach based on 6 major life-cycle components .

Knowledge management prevents staff from constantly reinventing the wheel, provides a baseline for progress measurement, reduces the burden on expert attrition, makes visual thinking tangible, and manages effectively large volumes of information to help employees serve their clients better and faster.